Health care, not immigration, is likely the 2020 ticket to victory in Texas

by | Jul 23, 2019 | 2020 Elections, Politics

Republicans tend to have an authoritarian streak, wanting to control everything. That includes dominating the discussion. Especially in politics.

Talking every nanosecond about health care in 2018 helped Democrats made historic gains nationwide and in Texas. Since then, Republicans have done nothing to protect health insurance coverage for pre-existing medical conditions or bring the cost of prescription drugs down.

Now, as we wade into the 2020 elections, Democratic candidates challenging John Cornyn for U.S. Senate, including MJ Hegar, Amanda Edwards, Royce West, and Chris Bell, are all giving health care top billing. Cornyn and Republicans generally are vulnerable on the issue — and they know it. 

Here’s the only potential rub: the dominance of immigration, at least right now. 

President Trump and the Texas GOP want 2020 fought on their terms and talking about border security and undocumented immigrants. It’s the fire in their base’s belly, ignited by Trump and hardline conservatives.

Plus, 37% of Texas Hispanics and almost a quarter of Texas Democrats believe undocumented immigrants should be deported.

It’s hard to escape immigration when the president fabricates Central American caravans and his Administration, despite warnings months ago, doesn’t have a plan for the influx of migrants at the border. It’s equally tough to navigate a mainstream press that grants this president and his anti-immigrant tweets so much attention.

But the GOP strategy is not to talk about health care. All the more reason to talk about it.

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