60-second impeachment update: Where things stand after 3 days of testimony

by | Nov 21, 2019 | Impeachment, Politics

If this is all Republicans have for the impeachment investigation, they’re in trouble.

Many times throughout the week, it seemed as though the GOP, including our fellow Republican members of Congress from Texas, were just using up their time, as opposed to trying to make a compelling case against wrongdoing by the President. 

That’s because the hard facts of the case were clear. We saw honorable, nonpartisan public servants — who have served in both Republican and Democratic administrations — soberly and under oath testify to the highly unusual activity between Ukraine and the Trump Administration, including the president himself. 

This didn’t stop Trump from making a B-line to the cameras on Wednesday before getting on the plane to Texas (where he took credit for opening an Apple plant, one that had been opened for years). Yelling over the helicopter noise to reporters, the president provided Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, who were flailing after the bombshell testimony of Ambassador Gordon Sondland, their talking points to get them out of the hole they were in. He and he alone is, after all, the GOP’s public relations maven.

After this week, the problem is that Trump is the only person –among those who were involved in the Ukraine work and who are talking — saying he did nothing wrong and there was no bribery.  

Are you going to believe 10 people basically saying the same thing independently, or the one person saying something different, who is also a known liar?

Photo: Chen Mengtong/China News Service/VCG via Getty Images

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