A surprise resignation in the Dallas County Democratic Party

In a surprise move Carol Donovan, the Chairwoman of the Dallas County Democratic Party, announced she was resigning. Donovan had been the party leader in Dallas County since 2015.

In her resignation letter, Donovan mentioned her family as the reason for her departure. Donovan lost her mother, women’s rights activist Vernie Crabtree, to COVID-19 earlier this year.

In a statement, Donovan said that she was confident she was leaving the Dallas County Democratic Party in a strong position. “Though it goes against the grain for me to not finish my term, the Texas Democratic Party rules allow the Precinct Chairs to elect a county chair in the event of a vacancy. That’s how I was elected six years ago,” said Donovan.

A virtual election with the precinct chairs will be held June 2.

Dallas County has been an important democratic bedrock for the state. It could potentially also see dramatic redistricting changes in 2022.

Photo: Dallas County Democratic Party / Facebook

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