Another new poll: Texans say they would ‘definitely not’ vote for Trump


New polling continues to deliver grim news for Donald Trump in Texas. 

46 percent of Texans said they “definitely won’t” vote for Trump, while 40% saying they definitely would, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll.   

Of the Democratic candidates included in the survey, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren trailed Trump by only seven points in Texas. Sen. Bernie Sanders came within five and Julián Castro within 13 points. 

Trump’s lead is not unexpected in a historically red state, but other polls have shown the opposite, with some candidates, like Biden (and formerly O’Rourke), beating Trump in a head-to-head. In fact, the Texas Tribune poll is the only poll conducted this month showing Trump leading Biden in Texas. Four other polls show Biden ahead of or equal to Trump.

The Bottom Line 

Polls show the Lone Star State within striking distance for Democrats. Trump is faring significantly worse at this point in the race compared to prior election outcomes by Republican presidents, including himself.

2016: Trump v. Clinton: 9 points

2012: Romney v. Obama: 16 points 

2008: McCain v. Obama: 12 points

2004: Bush v. Kerry: 23 points

2000: Bush v. Gore: 21 points

Axios compiled data on President Trump’s net approval rating since he came into office. In Texas, he has plunged 15 points since January 2017.

Photo: Steven Ryan/Getty Images

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