As Abbott plans to reopen Texas, poll shows voters want businesses closed


Gov. Greg Abbott will update Texans on Monday afternoon as to his plans to reopen the Texas economy sometime early next month. The governor’s decision to reopen the state comes as Texas has yet to flatten the COVID-19 curve or make serious headway into curbing the number of new daily coronavirus cases.

It also arrives as a new poll by the University of Texas-Texas Tribune show 66 percent of registered Texan voters favor the closure of “non-essential” businesses and 77 percent of Texans support the state’s stay-at-home order.

The numbers aren’t too dissimilar from national polling. The latest Kaiser Family Foundation poll found 80 percent of Americans agree with strict shelter-in-place measures as a way to fight to the outbreak. 

The recent polling is evidence that despite a rowdy and noisy minority of right-wing leaders, including President Trump and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, most Texans and Americans support state-enforced social distancing measures.

As of Sunday, 24,631 confirmed cases have been reported in Texas with 648 fatalities.

Photo: Dan Tian/Xinhua via Getty Images

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