Biden wins Texas Democratic primary


Former Vice President Joe Biden won the Texas primary, according to several news outlets and forecasts, including NBC News and Decision Desk HQ. 

The former VP declared victory on Twitter.

The critical win for Biden in one of the most delegate-rich states comes after weeks of polls showing a close race between Sanders and Biden. Texas is the second largest delegate haul.

Leading into Super Tuesday, both candidates made a series of rapid-fire visits to Texas. A high-profile rally in Dallas saw Biden endorsed by both Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar, signaling to other more moderate and conservative voters to rally around the former vice president. 

The win is a surprise considering Sanders’ momentum ahead of the South Carolina primary. But Biden’s win there catapulted him, it appears, to walk away with front runner status nationally after Super Tuesday. 

Photo: Daniel Carde/Getty Images

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