Bloomberg visits Plano in first Texas campaign stop


Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg made clear over the weekend he’s vying for Texas’ 38 electoral votes. Just weeks ago he announced his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Speaking to Texas Democrats at Collin College in Plano, Bloomberg cracked jokes about Trump, shared his campaign platform, and promised to help turn the Lone Star State blue.

“Now they say everything in Texas is bigger than any place else, but I will just note that the Republican share of the vote here keeps shrinking,” Bloomberg said, congratulating the state’s party. 

Bloomberg promised Texans a $15 minimum wage, said the U.S. healthcare system needed changing, and said his campaign would win Texas’ 38 electoral votes by appealing to independents and disaffected Republicans.

“I will not spare a penny to defeat Donald Trump here in Texas and help elect Democrats statewide next November,” Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg’s visit to Texas comes less than a month after announcing his presidential run.

A billionaire, Bloomberg kicked off his campaign with the most expensive television ad buy in political history. He spent $35 million on air time, including $3 million in Texas.

So far, the publicity has paid off. While still polling in the low single digits, Bloomberg has pushed past all other candidates to fifth place, behind Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg.

Bloomberg has also promised to spend between $15 to $20 million on voter registration drives in five states, including Texas. 

Photo: Yana Paskova/Getty Images

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