Center for Public Policy Priorities, nonprofit progressive think tank, rebrands


The Center for Public Policy Priorities, a nonprofit progressive think tank that has long been a leading voice on healthcare and budget policy, has officially rebranded to “Every Texan.”

The announcement came on Wednesday with a 40-second video explaining the rebranding:

“We’re so excited about our new name, Every Texan! Social justice requires public policy, now more than ever,” wrote Every Texan CEO Ann Beeson on Twitter. 

Last year, the Signal wrote a profile on Beeson and her work with the Center for Public Policy Priorities often jokingly referred to as the “center for too many P’s.” 

“What we’re trying to advance is a vision for Texas where people of all backgrounds are able to contribute to and share in the prosperity of the state,” Beeson told us. “The very purpose of our organization and the values that drive us are radically different from some of those other kinds of think tanks, and some of them have grown at a national level and right here in Texas.”

Last week, the Signal spoke with Eva DeLuna Castro, the lead fiscal and budget policy analyst at Every Texan, about what Gov. Greg Abbott’s budget cuts threaten. 

Photo: Every Texan/ Twitter

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