Cornyn votes again to take money from the military to fund Trump’s border wall

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Immigration/Border, Policy

Amid the flurry of impeachment inquiry news on Wednesday, Sen. John Cornyn took a significant vote regarding the U.S. military. He voted to enable the Trump Administration to take critical funds from military projects in El Paso and San Antonio to fund a border wall. This is the second time Cornyn has cast such a vote, which would risk costing Texas’ military communities $38.5 million.

“During my time in the military, I saw firsthand the harmful impact these political games have on military readiness and national security,” MJ Hegar, one of Cornyn’s Democratic opponents, said in a statement. “Texans want a Senator who will fight for them and not put our troops and national security in danger.”

Following the Wednesday vote, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee announced it is holding the senator accountable for his vote through a digital ad campaign. 

The Waco Tribune wasn’t pleased with the news either, writing in an editorial that “Rather than stick up for the military and the Constitution, many [Republicans] now jump ship or avert their gaze. They deserve no accolades, no respect and no sympathy.”

On Thursday, Cornyn received a Republican primary challenger, Mark Yancey from Dallas, who launched his bid around Cornyn’s tight association with Trump. “Senator Cornyn has little support for conservatives across Texas,” and he has “frequently disappointed Texans with his strong alignment with both Mitch McConnell and Trump,” said Yancey.

Photo: Tom Brenner/Getty Images

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