Cornyn’s ‘priority is the gun lobby, not Texans’


When it comes to guns, it’s hard to get Texans to rally behind any one idea. There is, however, one glaring exception. An overwhelming majority of Texans support universal background checks, or background checks for all firearm transactions in order to stop guns from falling into the wrong hands.

Quinnipiac University poll conducted last year found that 92 percent of Texans support universal background checks. Under current Texas law, background checks are not required for private sales, such as a gun purchased between individuals or at a gun show.

Sen. John Cornyn is opposed to background checks and has voted against them. The gun lobby has given him over $200,000—the 6th highest total of any senator. 

After the El Paso gunman killed 22 people, it appears that Cornyn is unwilling to do anything that might threaten his A+ rating from the NRA, which recently has faced stiff financial and political challenges. 

“Senator Cornyn’s failure to take immediate action [after the El Paso attack] makes it very clear to Texans that his priority is the gun lobby, not Texans. This is not surprising given his pattern of siding with his special interest allies in Washington over Texas families,” said Amanda Sherman, a spokesperson for MJ Hegar’s campaign for Senate. 

Hegar, an Air Force pilot, is one of several Democrats running for Cornyn’s senate. 

A Dallas Morning News poll showed 37 percent of Texas voters approve of Cornyn’s job performance, with 31 percent disapproving and about a third not having an opinion. 

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