Crenshaw now has a Democratic opponent, Sima Ladjevardian

by | Mar 9, 2020 | 2020 Elections, Politics

The Democratic challenge against Rep. Dan Crenshaw just got a sudden head start. 

Less than a week after Super Tuesday, Democrat Elisa Cardnell has dropped out of the runoff and endorsed her opponent Sima Ladjevardian.

That means the race for Texas’ 2nd Congressional District in Houston effectively begins now, instead of two months from now on May 26 when Cardnell and Ladjevardian were supposed to face off in a runoff (the runoff will still occur with Cardnell remaining on the ballot). 

Cardnell said she suspended her campaign because of a lack of numbers and resources showing a path to victory. 

“This is not the outcome any of us were hoping for, but ultimately it is the best thing for our party so the fight against Dan Crenshaw can start today, not in May,” Cardnell said in a statement endorsing Ladjevardian.

“Dan Crenshaw has built a multi-million warchest funded by private prison groups, Big Pharma, the Koch’s, and other corporate donors,” she continued. “He has voted with Trump over 93 percent of the time and is the 5th most frequent Congressional visitor to the Trump properties. If we are going to hold him accountable, we need to start that work today instead of giving him more time to build a corporate war chest.” 

“Thank you, Elisa, for your service, your deep commitment to making a difference, and your support for the fight ahead,” wrote Ladjevardian in response. “Team Sima is honored to fight side-by-side with you to defeat Dan Crenshaw in November and bring real leadership and representation to TX-2.”


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