Democratic congressional candidates make final push

by | Nov 3, 2020 | 2020 Elections, Politics

Today’s the day. After months of one of the most interesting campaign seasons in American history, election day is finally here. But even in the final hours before the polls close, campaigns are making the final push to get every possible vote. Here are the competitive congressional races in Texas and what Democrats are doing on the last day of campaigning. Many of these events are being done remotely so you can join if you want to help flip Texas. 

Sima Ladjevardian – 02

Sima Ladjevardian, an attorney and former Beto O’Rourke advisor, is seeking to unseat Rep. Dan Crenshaw in the Houston-area Second Congressional District. Her campaign will have an Every Last Vote phone bank with Rep. Joe Kennedy III. Kennedy is not the only big name that’s been enlisted by Ladjevardian. 

Lulu Seikaly – 03 

Labor and employment lawyer Lulu Seikaly is challenging Rep. Van Taylor in the Third Congressional District which covers Collin County. Seikaly’s campaign is phone banking and meeting with voters at the polls on election day.   

Stephen Daniel -06

Attorney Stephen Daniel is running against Rep. Ron Wright in the 6th Congressional District, which covers the areas south of Dallas. Daniel’s campaign is engaged in “line warming” on election day, which is making sure voters stay in line. 

Lizzie Fletcher 07

Incumbent Rep. Lizzie Fletcher is facing a tight race against Republican challenger Wesley Hunt. Fletcher flipped the 7th Congressional District in Houston during the 2018 midterms. Fletcher’s campaign is engaged in get-out-the-vote phone banking today. 

Mike Siegel -10

Attorney Mike Siegel is running against Rep. Michael McCaul, one of the wealthiest members of Congress, in the 10th Congressional District which stretches from Houston to Austin. Siegel’s campaign will host a final phonebank and is also talking to voters at the polling places. Volunteers at polling places will be required to wear masks and are not allowed to hand out material without gloves, which the campaign will provide. 

Wendy Davis – 21

Former state senator Wendy Davis, famous for her 11 hour filibuster of an anti-choice law, is running against Rep. Chip Roy in the 21st Congressional District, which runs from Austin to San Antonio. Davis will be joined by former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick for a phone bank at noon for her final event to get out the vote. 

Sri Preston Kulkarni – 22

Sri Preston Kulkarni, a former Foreign Service Officer, is running for an open seat in the Fort Bend-area 22nd Congressional District. Kulkarni’s campaign is not only phone banking on election day, they will also be conducting contactless canvassing. The canvassing will be done in accordance with CDC safety protocols, with masks and temperature checks mandatory. 

Gina Ortiz Jones – 23 

Former Air Force officer and Iraq War veteran Gina Ortiz Jones is running for an open seat in the 23rd Congressional District, which stretches from San Antonio to just outside El Paso. After making half a million phone calls to voters, her campaign is conducting its final phone banks to get out the vote.

Candace Valenzuela – 24    

Former school board member Candace Valenzuela is running for an open seat in the 24th Congressional District, which covers the area between Dallas and Fort Worth. Valenzuela has her final phone bank today to get out the vote. 

Julie Oliver – 25 

Julie Oliver, a healthcare finance expert, is challenging Rep. Roger Williams in the 25th Congressional District, which stretches from Austin to Fort Worth. In addition to poll greeting, Oliver’s campaign is phone banking with Dr. Abdul El-Sayed and Generation Z 

Donna Imam – 31

Computer engineer Donna Imam is running against Rep. John Carter in the 31st Congressional District north of Austin. You can get involved with the final stretch of her campaign here

Colin Allred – 32

Rep. Colin Allred flipped the 32nd District, which covers the suburban areas of northeast Dallas, in 2018. Now he faces a competitive race against GOP challenger Genivieve Collins. Allred’s campaign is phone banking to get out the vote on election day. 

It may be late in the game but every vote counts. And so long as voters are in line by 7 PM, they have to be allowed to vote.     

Photo: Aurora Samperio/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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