Far-right, pro-Trump protesters storm U.S. Capitol


Hundreds of supporters of President Trump descended on the Capitol grounds on Wednesday, bypassing security and police, and even breaching the chambers.

The attempted coup, as some lawmakers are describing it, came after President Trump addressed a rally in Washington where he again refused to concede the results of the election he lost.

Before the Senate evacuated, Senator Ted Cruz formally objected to the electoral college certification. He, along with other Texas Republicans who objected to certifying the count, are now calling for peace.

As rioters began storming the grounds, members of the House were given gas masks as they left the Rotunda. Several are sheltering in place, including Rep. Veronica Escobar who shared a video on her Twitter of rioters walking through a Capitol hallway.

Several other Texas House members offered updates from the Capitol, including Rep. Lloyd Doggett, who specifically called out President Trump for inciting violence.

Photos from inside the Senate chamber show rioters on the floor. Rep. Al Green also invoked word sedition and demanded President Trump call off his supporters.

Rep. Joaquin Castro said Trump had “incited a coup attempt.” Rep. Vicente Gonzalez said the breaching of the Capitol was an “act of domestic terrorism.”

At around 3 p.m., President Trump delivered a message to his supporters, telling them to “go home,” but still reiterating that the election was stolen from him. Protesters outside the Capitol appeared unphased by the message and continued to gather.

Further confrontations are expected as the city’s evening curfew approaches.

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