Five of Ted Cruz’s worst moments

by | Feb 2, 2021 | Politics, Republican Party

Ted Cruz, our favorite capricorn to harass online, just keeps giving his 2024 opponent more ammunition. 

In weeks leading up to the riot, he played a massive part in spreading misinformation about the election being fraudulent. 

Even after Mitch McConnell clearly opposed objecting to the election results, Cruz and 10 other GOP Senators refused to certify unless Congress agreed to an “emergency audit”. Shortly after, a violent siege on the Capitol by supporters of former President Trump shook the halls of Congress. Cruz continues to deny any responsibility in helping inspire the attack. 

From insurrection to immigration, Cruz never misses a chance to make a fool of himself. Here are five of Ted Cruz’s worst moments.

  1. He stated that the allowance of same-sex marriage by the Supreme Court was the “very definition of tyranny.”

In 2015, Cruz voted against marriage equality within Texas and supported amendments within the Senate to prevent the federal government from recognizing marriage equality. 

In June of the same year, Cruz stated that opposition of gay marriage would be “front and center” in his 2016 presidential run and that marriage is meant to be between “a man and a woman” and that being gay is a “choice.” He took great offense in the Supreme Court’s decision, calling it tyrannical, but doesnt seem to feel the same about inspiring a riot to attack his place of work. 

  1. He thinks climate change only applies to water.

Cruz believes that the science supporting climate change claims are falsified. To him, the narrative of climate change is a way for “liberal politicians” to gain “government power over the economy, the energy sector and every aspect of our lives.” In a 2019 tweet, he attempted to dispute Beto’s concerns for his child’s future on Earth by stating that “El paso is land-locked.” This blatant lack of knowledge about climate science strips him of any credibility he claims to have over scientists. 

  1. He voted against pandemic relief.

In December of 2020, he voted against the $900 billion pandemic relief package that would provide $300 a week for the unemployed and a $600 direct stimulus. His reasoning behind this action being that, “Democrats exploited the need for relief to advance their political agenda” and that he felt the bill was a “pet project.” Yet during the same time, the Texas unemployment rate was at 7.2 percent, or roughly 2,055,417 people. This is the same man who is distraught about the loss of Keystone pipeline jobs. He doesn’t care about jobs, he cares about the oil and gas companies putting money in his pockets.

  1. He only believes in government intervention when it comes to women’s bodies.

Cruz has repeatedly advocated for the Supreme Court Case Roe V. Wade’s overturn, which would criminalize abortion and force a woman to carry their baby to term — no matter the circumstances. With that, he proposed a bill in 2019 to allow employers to withhold contraceptive coverage and refuses to let organizations like Planned Parenthood receive public funds for non-abortion care. Government intervention was perfectly fine to limit access to reproductive rights, however to him, the line is drawn at Medicaid. He claims that “expanding Medicaid will worsen health care options.” However, expanding Medicaid would offer insurance to 1.5 million Texans during the pandemic. 

  1. He loves a good government shutdown.

In 2013, Cruz led a movement to defund the Affordable Care Act, which would leave anywhere between 1.6-3 million Texas residents uninsured and 23 million Americans without any kind of health insurance, setting up a government shutdown for more than two weeks. He spent more than 21 hours on the Senate floor speaking about defunding Obama-care. He also contributed to the 2019 government shutdown by refusing to fund the government over his insistence on Trump’s border wall. Without any regard for government agencies that the American people rely on, Ted Cruz has played a key role in shutting down the government two more times than he should have.

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