Former Rep. Allen West says announcement about his political future in Texas coming July 3


Last week, the Texas Signal published a profile of the former Florida congressman Allen West, who now lives in Dallas. Inside Elections last month reported he was a possible Republican contender for the U.S. Senate against John Cornyn.

The story by the Signal didn’t go unnoticed, with over 1,000 engagements, 125 shares, and 254 comments. Here is a sampling from grassroots Texans — according to their Facebook profiles, not independently confirmed– who back West entering the Texas political scene.

·      “I pray he does [run for office] because I will not vote for John Cornyn next time.”

·      “Allen West is kinda a badass.”

·      “Please run sir. I will support you here in Texas.”

·      “Run, Colonel West, run! We need to be rid of that establishment Rino Cornyn.”

In a Monday post to his blog titled “Announcement About My Political Future,” West  says he will be unveiling his decision in early July.

“[H]ere I am in Texas, where I came, not to seek any political office, however, there is a calling,” he wrote. “Folks have called upon me to consider three opportunities here in this next election cycle: run for US Senate, run for US Congressional District 32 (where I have lived since moving to the Dallas area), or run for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.”

He continued, “[O]n the evening of July 3rd, during a live YouTube event, I will let y’all know the opportunity that I will endeavor to pursue…. your favorite Army Doggie is going back into the fight!”

Fresh Texas Tribune/University of Texas polling out Monday, as reported by the Austin American-Statesman’s Jonathan Tilove, showed 37% of Texas voters think Sen. Cornyn is doing a good job, with 34% saying he isn’t. 29% don’t have an opinion, despite the senator’s 30 years in elected office in Texas.

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