Freshman congressman is lone wolf in thinking Texas is safe for Republicans


The increasingly real possibility of Democrats winning statewide in Texas is scaring Republicans into their safe space. 

In a recent Fox News appearance, Rep. Lance Gooden, a Texas Republican representing Mesquite, tried to hype up the chances of Trump’s reelection in Texas.

“They’re outraged. They’re upset about it. They’re fed up,” Gooden said of Texans. “That’s why Donald Trump got elected last time, that’s why I think he’ll get re-elected again this next time. That’s why, I think, Republicans will take the House back over.”

The FOX News host pushed back.

“But that’s not showing up in the polls. In Texas, Democrats still lead President Trump head-to-head,” host Stuart Varney said. A recent UT/TT poll that showed support for Trump’s reelection is split 50-50 in Texas.

Sen. Ted Cruz has called Texas a battleground state. Sen. John Cornyn called Texas a swing state earlier this year. And the Trump campaign is throwing money for staff and digital ads in Texas – not something you do if you have a state in the bag.

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