Mike Pence kicks off ‘Latinos for Trump’


On Tuesday, Vice President Mike Pence kicked off “Latinos for Trump” in an effort to boost Trump’s support among Hispanic voters, despite new polling shows a majority of Hispanics back Democrats. Three of the group’s advisory board members hail from Texas.

In 2016, exit polls showed roughly 29 percent of Hispanics voted for Trump, although that number’s accuracy is under debate.

WOAI radio in San Antonio reported Wednesday that Blanca Garcia of Latinos for Trump said “there is more Latino backing for the President than the mainstream media is letting on.”

The station’s website reported that “Garcia says many Latino immigrants are disgusted by the influx of illegal immigrants from Central America, who are arriving in those ‘migrant convoys.’ She says immigrants from Latin America are frustrated that they went through the long and arduous process of entering the U.S. legally, and are upset that the Democrat party appears to be more concerned about those who skipped the line and didn’t play by the rules.”

One reporter described the extent of Trump’s support for the Hispanic community as the picture of himself with a Trump Tower taco bowl and the caption ‘I love Hispanics!’ — as ‘a great champion of Latino and Hispanic Americans.’”

Hispanic dislike for Trump is nowhere near what it is among African Americans, currently at 8 percent and rarely exceeding double digits throughout Trump’s first term, according to Gallup.

Photo: Getty Images

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