ICYMI: Political news from the weekend

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Politics

Houston mayor’s race. City Council Member Dwight Boykins may be entering the mayor’s race. An unfinished web site announcing his candidacy popped up over the weekend. 

Beto on Meet the Press. The host of MTP, Chuck Todd, asked O’Rourke if he had any “empathy towards the [Trump] administration” when it comes to the migrants coming across the Texas border seeking asylum. What in the world do you think O’Rourke said? Poor Chuck Todd.

Taking the mask off. Houston Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw has now totally eviscerated his “moderate” image. He sounds like a right winger.

“There is no dispute, radicals have total control of the Democrat Party,” Crenshaw tweeted. “Moderates have to stop pretending that socialism, government jobs for all, and vanquishing private insurance is just the fringe of their party.”

Dan, is this why Joe Biden is currently the front runner for the Democratic presidential nomination? 

We’re not done with Crenshaw. He also tweeted over the weekend Dems will “raise taxes.” Actually, it’s his party that is oddly proposing tax increases. Trump wants to impose a 5% (or more) tax on Mexico, which is effectively tax on Texans. And Gov. Abbott and Dan Patrick tried to sell a tax increase in the legislature this year.

Impeachment: the pressure is on. Since Special Counsel Robert Mueller provided a green light for the U.S. House to take some action against Trump’s ethical and financial improprieties,House Dems – and most of the 2020 presidential candidates — are becoming restless. A CNN poll published on Sunday found 76% of Democrats favor impeaching Trump while only 41% of all Americans do.   

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