Kamala Harris is coming to Texas


One of the first major moments of the 2020 Democratic primary came early in 2019 when one of the candidates descended on Texas and moved a packed gymnasium at Texas Southern University to thunderous applause. 

The event showed what Texans have known all along: In the quest for the White House in 2020, no prize was bigger than Texas.

That candidate was Kamala Harris, and with electoral forecasts showing Texas tied -yes, tied- Harris is coming back to Texas for a multi-city swing aimed at wrestling the state’s 38 electoral votes away from Donald Trump and his dastardly GOP enablers. 

This visit is just the latest sign that Texas is the biggest swing state in the nation. Presidential campaigns don’t dispatch half their ticket to a state on the final weekend of a campaign unless they think it could give the ticket the juice they need to carry the state. Harris visiting Texas is further proof that the state is primed to flip on November 3rd.

While Beto O’Rourke and Julian Castro have publicly upped their pressure campaign to get Biden to visit in the waning days do his race for the presidency, Texas Democrats will gladly welcome Harris, whose appeal to younger voters and voters of color could help give Team Blue the final push it needs to flip to the blue column, potentially sweeping in a new state house majority and several congressional challengers with it. 

The schedule for the Harris tip is still being finalized but is expected to include Houston. This is the final week of early voting in Texas. You can cast your ballot until Friday, October 30th.

Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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