Kamala Harris will vist 3 Texas cities


This morning, the Biden campaign announced the three cities Senator Kamala Harris is expected to make appearances in on Friday as the Democratic ticket works feverishly to secure the 38 electoral votes at play in Texas.

Harris will visit Fort Worth, McAllen, and Houston, three crucial cities for Democrats as they hope to not only deliver Texas to the Biden-Harris ticket but also provide a lift to Democratic chances to recapture a State House majority. 

More than half a dozen competitive statehouse races touch the greater Fort Worth area, and explosive turnout in Houston has been a boon to Democrats’ hopes of flipping the state. The McAllen stop is seen as vital, as the Biden campaign’s ability to drive up turnout in South Texas and among Hispanic voters could be decisive.

More details for each stop are forthcoming.

The stop comes just days before election day, with polling routinely showing Texas is a tossup. Yesterday, NBC News moved Texas into its tossup column, followed today by the veteran handicappers at the Cook Political Report.

Photo: United States Senate Office of Kamala Harris/ Wikimedia Commons

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