Ken Paxton’s assistant, an extreme conservative, announces run for Dallas congressional seat


Most know Ken Paxton as Texas’ top attorney who was indicted on felony charges. Four years ago he was indicted on securities fraud charges, which today remain unresolved. 

Now, Paxton’s executive assistant, Floyd McLendon, a devout far right conservative, announced Monday he’s running for Congress against the Democratic superstar Rep. Colin Allred. 

McLendon says the biggest threat to the United States is not terrorism or nuclear war but the Democratic Party. 

“We face one of the greatest existential threats in American history,” McLendon, said in a statement. “Today’s Democratic Party openly supports radical, socialist ideals… I will lead the fight against socialism.”

He is a diehard Trump Republican and loyal supporter of indicted Paxton. 

“The president of the United States will have a positive impact on my race,” McLendon said Monday. “He kept his promises.” (But, as The Signal has shown, he really hasn’t.)

As Paxton’s executive assistant, it’s not clear what qualifications McLendon would bring to the job he’s seeking. Other arch-conservatives are expected to get into the race. 

McLendon’s policy positions seemed to be cut and pasted from the national Republican playbook. Texas is only mentioned three times through a litany of issue areas. Nothing is specific to the district, which begs the question, does McLendon know the district he’s running to represent?

And why does it appear that his previous Twitter account was deleted?

In 2015, as the Dallas Morning News reported, Paxton was arrested, fingerprinted, photographed, and released on bond.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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