Latino Victory endorses more state House candidates

by | Oct 14, 2020 | Politics, Texas Elections

As early in-person voting started yesterday in Texas, Latino Victory, a progressive PAC that is working to increase Latino representation in government, announced they were endorsing three more candidates in Texas statehouse races: Brandy Chambers, Celina Montoya, and incumbent Victoria Neave. Latino Victory has endorsed in total, eight candidates in Texas house races, and they are hoping a mobilized Latino electorate will flip the state legislature.

Chambers ran in 2018 in District 112 and only lost to incumbent Rep. Angie Chen Button by two points. Montoya is running in District 121 in San Antonio.

Both Chambers and Montoya have focused on healthcare and are running to expand Medicaid in Texas.

Neave was an early supporter of Biden and appeared alongside Dr. Jill Biden when she came to Dallas for a drive-in rally yesterday. She was also one of the 17 speakers who delivered the keynote address during the DNC Convention.

In a comment for Texas Signal, Nathalie Rayes stressed the importance of flipping the state legislature, calling it a potential “seismic shift.” 

She also talked about how it would transform the state. 

“More importantly, women, Latinos, the LGBTQ community, and communities of color would have a stronger voice in the Texas Legislature. We’ve seen the devastating effect that the Republican supermajority has had on issues that affect underrepresented communities such as health care, immigration, education, and women’s reproductive rights. A Democratic House would expand representation for these communities and reflect Texas’ changing demographics,” Rayes said.

Last week, the Biden campaign announced a $6.2 million advertising purchase targeting Black and Latino communities. The Texas Democratic Party also revealed a large ad buy in south Texas focused on Latinos.

Photo: Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call

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