Mehdi Hasan calls out Dan Crenshaw’s gerrymandered district


Political reporter Mehdi Hasan successfully irked Houston’s Rep. Dan Crenshaw this week, sparking the two to go at each other on Twitter.

On a segment on “The Mehdi Hasan Show,” Medhi responded to a social media post made by Crenshaw pushing for election reform so that the results are “self-evident.” 

“That’s a great idea and I know exactly where he can start: his own ridiculously gerrymandered district,” says Medhi, before highlighting examples of gerrymandered districts like Crenshaw’s and chiding Republicans for abusing gerrymandering more than Democrats. 

“The left talks about equality and the right about liberty,” Medhi says, ending his rant. “Well, gerrymandering undermines our equality and liberty. In a Democracy it’s simple, voters should pick their politicians, politicians shouldn’t be able to pick their voters — and that includes you, Mr. Crenshaw.”

The segment caught Crenshaw’s attention the next day, who called it an example of dishonest media and a left-wing rant. Medhi quickly fired back:

In 2021, the Texas Legislature will meet to redraw Texas’ congressional and state district lines. Texas is expected to gain two additional U.S. House seats due to population gain, but it will be up to the Republican-controlled state legislature to carve out the map.

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

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