MJ Hegar: ‘I don’t support the type of policies like the Green New Deal’

by | Jul 25, 2019 | 2020 Elections, Politics

At a campaign event in Dallas on Wednesday, U.S. Senate hopeful MJ Hegar said she supports “aggressive action” on climate change but isn’t a fan of the Green New Deal.

“I don’t support the type of policies like the Green New Deal because I feel like so often we are attaching so many things to the key thing we’re trying to accomplish that it politicizes it and makes it if you disagree with it, you’re a climate change denier. Or if you agree with it, then you’re a socialist,” Hegar said, according to Texas Tribune reporter Patrick Svitek.

The Green New is a proposed stimulus package that would attempt to shift the U.S. to 100 percent renewable energy in 10 years through a New Deal-style federal works program, among other things. It was introduced to both chambers of Congress by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA). In the Senate, the resolution was defeated in a 0-57 vote while no action has been taken in the House.

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