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by | Jul 16, 2019 | Morning headlines

Democratic presidential fundraising

So how well did they do in the second quarter? Beto O’Rourke raked in $3.6 million and Julián Castro $2.8 million, both lagging behind their main rivals: 

Joe Biden: $21.5 million

Pete Buttigieg: $24.8 million

Elizabeth Warren: $19 million 

Bernie Sanders: $18 million

Kamala Harris: $12 million (approx.)

GOP aiding and abetting Trump’s racism 

Sen. John Cornyn issued an embarrassingly weak response yesterday to Trump’s racist tweets, calling them a “mistake” and an “unforced error.”  While three Texas Republicans did outright condemn the president’s racism, the vast majority did not. They stayed silent – in Texas and around the country. 

“They’re just terrified of crossing swords with Trump, and they stay mute even when the president unleashes racist tirades,” presidential historian Douglas Brinkley told the Washington Post. “Republican leaders are now culpable for encouraging this kind of rank bigotry. By not speaking out, by staying mum, they are greenlighting hate rhetoric.”  

Democratic Congressman Al Green of Houston took a different approach, announcing he will soon introduce articles of impeachment. “This is not about the Mueller report,” he said. “This is not about obstruction. We can impeach this president for his bigotry in policy that is harming our society.”

Immigration nation

Per press accounts, ICE arrested several immigrants at Houston apartments yesterday but the Houston Chronicle called the activity “routine.” There was no widespread roundup and deportation of undocumented immigrants as the Trump Administration suggested there would be. The week is still early, however.

On Monday, the Trump Administration announced a new policy that would deny asylum to people coming to the U.S. who, reported the New York Times, “failed to apply for protections in at least one country they passed through on their way north. Under the new rule, Hondurans and Salvadorans would have to apply for — and be denied — asylum in Guatemala or Mexico before they were eligible to apply for asylum in the United States. Guatemalans would have to apply for and be denied asylum in Mexico.”

Stories we’re working on

  • President Trump wants to fight the 2020 election on immigration – not health care. But Democratic presidential candidates and Texas Democrats aren’t letting health care, their golden goose, go. (Nor should they.)
  • An interview with Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo on the potential immigration raids in the city this week
  • Has white nationalism increased in Texas since Trump became president? If so, what to do about it?
  • A tale of two medias: How the mainstream press covers an issue versus The Texas Signal

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