New poll: Almost half of Texas voters back impeachment investigation of Trump


If you needed any more evidence that President Trump isn’t popular in Texas, here’s some: More voters agree with the impeachment investigation than don’t. 

A Texas Tribune/University of Texas poll out Friday reveals 46% of registered voters think the impeachment inquiry of Trump is justified, 42% don’t. 

And the bad news goes beyond just opening the investigation. When asked, “…do you think that Donald Trump has taken actions while president that justify his removal from office before the end of his term?,” 43% of voters said yes, 44% said no.

The Tribune poll is another in a series of various surveys this year highlighting the president’s vulnerability in what Republicans still call a red state. But Texans’ views on Trump, along with reams of other data, show the state is purple. 

Yesterday, the U.S. House formally voted to move forward with the impeachment investigation, with all Texas Democrats voting yes and all Republicans from the state voting no, including Rep. Louie Gomert, who invoked “guns” and a coming “civil war.”

In the same poll, a whopping 65% of registered voters either don’t approve of the job Sen. John Cornyn is doing as U.S. Senator or don’t have an opinion. It’s another indication that Cornyn’s support is soft and a third of the state doesn’t know who he is, despite being in elected office for more than 30 years.

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