Op-Ed: I’m a Texas ER doctor, and here’s why I’m proudly supporting MJ Hegar

by | Oct 14, 2020 | Opinion, Politics

As an ER doctor, I see firsthand the rising cost of health care in our country. I’m one of many essential health care workers across the state who’ve been on the frontlines fighting for their patients. 

But even before this pandemic started, health insurance costs and drug prices were skyrocketing, and patients were suffering. Insurance companies and Big Pharma continue to make record profits while families across the country are priced out of access to life-saving drugs like insulin.

Watching Texas families choose between their health and paying the bills is heartbreaking, especially as this pandemic upends millions of households. Our system is broken, and we need strong leaders willing to fix it.

Senator Cornyn has proven time and time again he’s not that leader. He has repeatedly stood in the way of lowering prescription drug prices, including just last year when he obstructed the bipartisan Prescription Drug Pricing Reduction Act, which addressed price gouging on prescription drugs. He sided with the interests of Big Pharma instead of Texas seniors, and life-saving medications continue to be out of reach for working families.

Unlike Senator Cornyn, MJ Hegar is working with the medical community to improve access to health care across the state. She’ll fight for transparency and affordability, lowering the price of prescription drugs and health insurance — especially for uninsured and underinsured Texans across the state. She’ll address the toxic influence of corporations and out of touch politicians, who have no business interfering in medical decisions between patients and their doctors.

We need regular working Texans in office who understand what everyday patients are facing — not those who put corporate interests above the interests of all Americans. It’s refreshing to see a strong woman like MJ running — we need fighters like her who will listen to our voices to keep our patients safe and our health care affordable.

Photo: MJ for Texas/Wikimedia Commons

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