Polling: Cruz still beloved by Republicans but hated by most Texans


Recent polling from the University of Houston shows the attitudes of Texans after the attack on the Capitol building last month.  

The online survey of 1,329 Texans shows Cruz has strong support among Republicans but is generally loathed by most Texans.

The politicians with the highest proportion of Texans with a favorable opinion of them are President Joe Biden (41 percent), Gov. Greg Abbott (39 percent), Vice President Kamala Harris (39 percent), and former President Trump (39 percent). 

In terms of unfavorability, President Trump leads with 51 percent, followed by Cruz with 47 percent, Harris (43 percent), and Biden (42 percent).  

Still, both President Trump (29 percent) and Cruz (28 percent) have the highest proportion of Texans with a very favorable opinion. That support comes mostly from Texas Republicans, who still have a favorable view of Trump (71 percent) and Cruz (68 percent). 

The same poll also asked Texans about their thoughts on the Jan. 6 Capitol attack and found that almost three-fourths of Texans opposed the storming of the Capitol. Broken down by party affiliation, 89 percent of Democrats opposed the attack and so did 75 percent of independents. Only 41 percent of Texas Republicans strongly opposed the storming of the Capitol.

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

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