Preview of tonight’s State of the Union and the Dem response


An impeached Donald Trump will give his third State of the Union Address on Tuesday night, and holy hell only knows what he says, beyond what the White House has released. America, he will say, is making a “comeback” on his watch. It’s more like a permanent flashback to darker, uglier times in American history. 

It’s likely he will talk about how “perfect” the economy is, but forecasts predict slower growth in 2020 compared to previous years. Farmers are getting hammered by Trump’s trade war. And the gap between rich and poor continues to grow while the middle class shrinks. 

Trump did manage to hit his highest job approval every at 49%, according to a new poll from Gallup out Tuesday.

The Democratic Response 

Rep. Veronica Escobar of El Paso is delivering the Spanish-language Democratic response the Centro de Salud Familiar La Fe clinic, a non-profit health center located in El Paso. She is expected to focus on health care. “It’s important for me in my Democratic response, that I remind the country that it’s Democrats who’ve been fighting for their health care,” Escobar told NBC News. 

And although the results of the Iowa caucus are still unknown due to a systemwide error, multiple exit polls last night is that healthcare was the top issue for Iowa caucus-goers. The results mirror that of a Texas Lyceum poll released Monday showing healthcare narrowly beating out immigration and the Trump presidency as the most important issue facing the country for Texans. Health care costs are economically killing many families.

We would also expect Escobar, who showed model leadership following the mass shooting in her hometown of El Paso last year, to touch on gun violence and the avowed white nationalist who gunned people down at a Walmart.

 “Our diversity is our strength,” Escobar has said. “Now more than ever, Democrats will continue to celebrate our diversity, defend our democracy, and word for a more equal and just nation.” 

Photo: Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call via Getty Images

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