Reaction to Amanda Edwards running for U.S. Senate


Here’s a sampling from around Texas and D.C. of the reaction to Houston city council member Amanda Edwards throwing her hat into the ring on Thursday.

Fellow Democrats running for the U.S. Senate

Roundrock Air Force pilot MJ Hegar:

“I welcome Houston City Councilwoman Amanda Edwards to the Senate race. The number of candidates in this race and groundswell of enthusiasm speaks to the urgency in retiring John Cornyn and ending his nearly 20-year record of putting DC special interests over Texans. As a veteran and working mother who successfully fought to open up hundreds of thousands of jobs to women in the military, I am focused on talking with Texans about my record of taking on tough fights. Texans want quality, affordable healthcare, safe schools, and action on climate change. I’m looking forward to delivering that for all of us.”

Houston attorney Chris Bell:

“I’m glad to see the talked about field becoming the real field. I have a lot of respect for all of my opponents but voters are going to see clear differences in terms of experience and stands on issues. As for the latter, health care jumps out. I don’t see how you can talk about health care as a right but not support Medicare for All. I support it; Mrs. Hegar and Ms. Edwards do not.”

Statewide party

“Edwards represents the future of Texas. As a transformative results-oriented leader, she is blazing a trail for young Texans, women of color, and Texans who have felt locked out of their government,” said Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa.

Republican reaction

Sen. John Cornyn’s campaign:

“Councilwoman Edwards is a true progressive with a record that would make Elizabeth Warren jealous.”

National Republican Senatorial Committee:

 “Everyone knows there is no telling Texans what to do — except apparently national Democrats who decided to rally behind a failed House candidate [referring to MJ Hegar] as their chosen one before other Texas Democrats even had a chance to consider their candidacy. Bless their hearts.”

[Editor’s note: No, bless ya’ll’s heart. You’ve got problems down here in Texas.]

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