Rep. Joaquin Castro calls on ‘white nationalist’ to resign from White House

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Immigration/Border, Politics

On Thursday, Rep. Joaquin Castro of San Antonio called on White House advisor Stephen Miller to resign. 

“It’s clearer than ever that Stephen Miller is a far-right white nationalist with a racist and xenophobic worldview,” House Democrats, including Castro, said in a statement. “His beliefs are appalling, indefensible, and completely at odds with public service.”

As chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Castro issued the statement following leaked emails that Miller sent to right-wing news site Breitbart in 2015 and 2016. Miller was attempting to shape the site’s news coverage with, as the Southern Poverty Law Center noted, “racist source material that has influenced Miller’s visions of policy.”

Earlier this week, SPLC published over 900 emails Miller sent to Breitbart, mostly on race or immigration.

“Miller focuses on offenses committed by nonwhites,” the SPLC report said. “On immigration, he touches solely on the perspective of severely limiting or ending nonwhite immigration to the United States. Hatewatch was unable to find any examples of Miller writing sympathetically or even in neutral tones about any person who is nonwhite or foreign-born.”

Miller has been routinely accused of racism in the past and is widely regarded as the architect of the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant policies.

Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Image

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