GOP official in Texas busted for using N-word, calls it a “typo”

Official refuses to resign

Another Republican official in Texas has been exposed for using racist language, this time in a text message made public by a Galveston newspaper on Saturday. 

Galveston County Republican Party Chairwoman Yolanda Waters referred to an African American party member using the N-word in a text, according to the The Daily News. 

In the message to a party secretary, Waters was referring to J.T. Edwards, a black man. “Waters complained about personal loans she and her husband had made to Edwards, and then followed her complaint about the money by calling Edwards a ‘typical Nig,’” reported The Daily News.

Amid calls for her to resign as party chair, Waters has refused, according to the paper. 

She claims there was a “typo” in the text, without elaborating on what word she meant to type. 

The news comes in the same week as another Republican official, state Rep. Rick Miller, made a racist slur about “Asians.” He was forced to bow out of his re-election campaign. 

Earlier this year, the Texas GOP dealt with bold anti-Muslim and pro-white nationalist sentiments within its own ranks. 

A member of the Texas Republican Party’s platform committee, 74-year old Ray Myers, wrote on Facebook late last year, “Damn right, I’m a white nationalist and very Proud [sic] of it.”

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