Sen. John Cornyn moonlighting as media critic


On Wednesday, President Trump delivered a speech — really a campaign rally — in Pennsylvania. During the president’s remarks, a CNN reporter noted on Twitter that “[n]one of the three cable networks or any of the three CSPAN  stations are carrying Trump’s speech in Pennsylvania.”

Sen. John Cornyn popped into the Twitter conversation, asking “Why?”

Another journalist, Soledad O’Brien, responded to his query.

“Because frequently it’s hate speech, @JohnCornyn, but mostly it’s the crazy ramblings of someone’s drunk grandpa.”

Then Cornyn again: 

“Media censorship? Why not let [the] public decide.  Americans increasingly don’t trust ‘news’ media because of overt bias.”

He continued with the punditry.

“…why not let people decide what news to watch? This looks more like a boycott. Why self-inflict another wound to media’s credibility?

Why this matters

A sitting United States Senator is jousting in the bowels of Twitter over something relatively inconsequential at a time when an entire Texas city continues to recover from a domestic terrorist attack. Anything Cornyn can do to align himself with Trump and endear himself to the GOP base — no mainstream media lovers, to be sure — is the play.

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