Sima Ladjevardian raises big money after Crenshaw’s RNC speech


Democratic candidate for district 2 Sima Ladjevardian has raised more than $100,000 following her opponent’s speech at the RNC.

GOP Congressman Dan Crenshaw spoke at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday, speaking to the courage of the American people. As a freshman, Crenshaw was the only Texas elected official given a prime-time speaking slot in the RNC lineup. 

“We need to remind ourselves what heroism really is,” Crenshaw said. “Heroism is self-sacrifice, not moralizing and lecturing over others when they disagree. Heroism is grace, not perpetual outrage. Heroism is rebuilding our communities, not destroying them. Heroism is renewing the symbols that unite us, not tearing them down.”

Within 24 hours of Crenshaw’s speech, Ladjevardian’s campaign received a fresh wave of donations from nearly 2,000 new grassroots supporters. 

In a statement released Thursday, Ladjevardian’s campaign spokesman Dan Gottlieb addressed the surge of support.

“This massive one-day fundraising haul shows Sima Ladjevardian is building momentum, enthusiasm, and a broad coalition of engaged supporters who are ready to protect our health care and unseat Congressman Dan Crenshaw,” Gottlieb stated. “Congressman Crenshaw went to Washington and transformed himself into a special-interest funded sellout and left the people of Houston behind. In less than 24 hours, this grassroots movement consisting of thousands of donors grew our campaign war chest and sent a strong message to the congressman: Dan has a race on his hands, and he better get ready.”

The District 2 race is becoming competitive: Ladjevardian, an attorney and former Beto O’Rourke advisor, has raised $1.6 million so far this cycle as of the latest finance report and garnered national support from Democratic leaders like former President Barack Obama. As a cancer survivor, she is also outspoken on the issue of healthcare, an issue especially timely during the current COVID-19 pandemic — one that her opponent, Crenshaw, is continuously posting misinformation about in defense of the president.


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