Ten Reasons We’re Grateful Donald Trump is Fired

by | Nov 24, 2020 | 2020 Elections, Dallas, Democratic Party

We’ve waited so very long to say that — not just for the four years in which you didn’t even try to represent all of America, nor the past year in which you did nothing to save more than 230,000 Americans who died of COVID-19, but also during the long ballot-counting process in which you threw temper tantrums and refused to leave our White House like some spoiled brat who is long overdue to be put in “time out.” Well, you’re in time out now. Like Rhett Butler, frankly, we don’t … care if we ever see you (and your spoiled brat kids) ever again. 

We won’t miss you for SO many reasons. Since we are busy, and joyfully, preparing for the Inauguration of the Honorable Joe Biden, we will list only our top 10:

10.  You lack morals. You’ve set a horrible example for our sons and daughters, and us. Your victims will never be whole. You should go to jail.

9.      You destroyed every diplomatic relationship we worked so hard to build over the years with every country except Russia and, maybe, South Korea. (And, by the way, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un don’t really like you. They’ve been using you as a pawn for the past four years.)

8.     You (and your family) intentionally profited from your position and you illegally diverted funds from our military to build your stupid wall. (Besides, you told us Mexico would pay for it!)

7.      You prioritized your pet projects, including the wall (that we did not want), over the ongoing operation of our government. You caused the longest shutdown in our nation’s history because you were trying to hold us hostage for your wall. In the end, you got far less than Congress had originally offered you, proving that you don’t really know “the art of the deal.”

6.      You never owned your own mistakes, instead, blaming President Barack Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton for many things that didn’t even exist during their time in office. 

5.      You continued to attack our nation’s heroes and heroines long after they were dead, and you called our military personnel “losers,” since they were not able to dodge the draft as you did, multiple times.

4.      You shamefully embraced our nation’s enemies, even when they killed Americans, and you criticized those who protected us, including the CIA, FBI, NSA and the free press. You cared more for your enemies than you did for Americans who suffered from forest fires, hurricane damage and COVID-19.

3.      You tried to elevate the Ku Klux Klan, the Proud Boys, the Boogaloo, and other anti-government extremists, while blaming peaceful protestors for any violence committed by your extreme right-wing supporters. 

2.      You were impeached for unprecedented acts of treason on the part of a president.

1.       We will never forgive you for separating children from their families. (If it hadn’t been for the pandemic, THIS would be your legacy.)

And, by the way, we hate your hair!

Carol Donovan is the Dallas County Democratic Party Chair 

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