Texas Democratic Party discusses their voter protection and expansion efforts

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Politics, Voting

On Wednesday, the Texas Signal spoke to the Texas Democratic Party’s Voter Protection Director Rose Clouston and Voter Expansion Director Luke Warford about the party’s massive effort to counter voter suppression in the state. 

“Texas Republicans have spent the better part of the last decade making voting harder and putting hurdles in front of voters,” said Clouston. “Our program is here to have voters backs, all of those things are navigable and we’re going to make sure every eligible voter is able to cast a ballot that counts this election.”

The program, which Clouston billed as a “voter protection program the size of Texas,” involves teams of volunteers navigating the barriers set up by the GOP. One key aspect is a hotline where voters can get answers to any questions that they have about the process. The hotline has already received thousands of calls. 

In addition to protecting voter rights, Texas Democrats are seeking to expand the voter rolls in order to take advantage of the state’s changing demographics. 

“We know that Texas is one of the most diverse states in the country, we know that it’s growing at one of the fastest rates in the country, and as the state becomes younger and more diverse it’s becoming more progressive and more Democratic” said Warford. “That’s actually translating into a lot of electoral victories.” 

The Texas Democratic Party has launched the largest voter registration effort in Texas history to mobilize unregistered voters. “We’re going to be registering voters every day from now to the October 5 deadline,” said Warford. 

Photo: Niyazz/Getty Images

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