Texas Democrats take aim at Texas Supreme Court


Following a string of losses in court at the hands of the Texas Supreme Court, Texas Democrats are reminding voters that justices are elected — and they have a history of partisan voting. 

The pressure follows a decision by the Texas Supreme Court this week that allowed three Green Party candidates back on the ballot for their November elections after Democrats successfully sued to disqualify them for not paying their filing fees. Under Texas law, candidates are required to pay filing fees that can go up to $5,000.

The Green Party has argued the fees are an unconstitutional burden. Democrats argue all candidates should be required to pay their fees and that the Texas Supreme Court decision will help Republicans in November.

“The Republican Justices of the Texas Supreme Court are politicians first and fair jurists last,” Texas Democratic Party Assistant Counsel Ben Chang said reacting to the ruling. “This latest ruling comes as no surprise. Yet again, the court has bent the law and twisted legislative intent to further nothing more than partisan political gain.”

“The people of Texas deserve better than a Supreme Court that puts political power first, and fair and equitable application of the law last,” Chang said.

It’s not the only recent decision by Texas’ highest court set to impact Election Day.

On Tuesday, the Texas Supreme Court blocked Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins from continuing an effort to send 2.4 million mail ballot applications to all registered voters. 

In May, the Texas Supreme Court ruled against citing COVID-19 exposure as a disability to vote by mail, blocking an effort to allow all Texans to vote by mail. 

Democrats are running four candidates against the incumbents of the court, including Amy Clark Meachum who is taking aim at Chief Justice Nathan Hecht. 

Photo: Joe Gratz/Wikimedia Commons

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