Texas GOP official compares LGBT people to murderers and burglars


On Wednesday, Sue Evenwel, the chairwoman of the Titus County Republican Party and a member of the State Republican Executive Committee, compared LGBT people to violent criminals on Facebook when explaining why the party has refused the GOP gay group, Log Cabin Republicans, a booth at the state convention. 

“As a group [LCR] is no longer about an individual participating, but it is an express advocacy group, and the LCR’s unique identity is homosexuality which is in conflict with the principles & platform of the Republican Party,” wrote Evenwel. “The party would also not allow express advocacy groups for murders [sic], burglars, adulterers or fornicators.”

The Log Cabin Republicans have been denied a booth at the state convention for 20 years. 

“Hate and extremism within the Texas Republican Party continues while John Cornyn, Greg Abbott, and the Republican establishment remain silent,” said the Texas Democratic Party in response.  

Texas Republicans have a history of anti-gay views and policy positions. Last legislative session, GOP lawmakers made it legal for foster care and adoption agencies to refuse placing children with non-Christian, single or gay parents. There’s also a Republican-led crusade to circumvent the US Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage across the nation and a robust campaign to attack the transgender community. 

Photo: Michael Rowley/Getty Images

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