Texas House Dem chair asks colleagues to roast him for cash


State Rep. Chris Turner, chair of the Texas House Democratic Caucus, is asking fellow state house members to roast him for his 48th birthday.

The fundraising event will allow viewers to tune into the roast via Zoom. The lowest ticket for the virtual event is going for $48.

State Reps. Nicole Collier of Fort Worth, Joe Moody of El Paso, and Armando Walle of Houston will conduct the roast.

“I’ve been told that it’s too late to cancel,” Turner joked on Twitter. “Believe me, I tried. It’s not, however, too late to join us.”

Democrats all across the state are raising cash in an attempt to flip the Texas House where they are nine seats away from a majority. 

On Wednesday, the Texas Tribune reported that statehouse Democratic candidates raised a combined $6.7 million in the latest fundraising quarter between July and September, while Republicans raised $5.3 million within the same period. 

The campaign arm of Texas House Democrats, the Texas House Democratic Campaign Committee, also announced raising $3.6 million in the second-to-last fundraising quarter.

The news comes days after a sizable investment by the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, a national Democratic group that works to elect Democrats in statehouse races. On Monday, the group announced a $1.3 million investment for Texas House races. Coupled with last month’s $6.2 million investment by Forward Majority, a national Democratic super PAC, money from outside the state is pouring into Texas as polling consistently indicates a close presidential race.

A poll last month found Democrats leading by three percentage points in a generic ballot for the statehouse.

Photo: votechristurner.com

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