Texas Lawmakers Call For Supreme Court Expansion

by | Feb 21, 2023 | Supreme Court

Earlier today, over forty state and local officials from Texas officially added their support to expanding the Supreme Court. The idea of adding four seats to the nation’s highest court has gained steam after a series of unpopular rulings, most notably the overruling of Roe v. Wade.

In a statement via Demand Justice, the Texas officials affirmed their commitment to expanding the Supreme Court. “This Court has become part and parcel of the Republican Party’s agenda to maintain minority control at all costs, having been installed in plainly anti-democratic ways, and consistently ruling to further entrench the GOP’s minority power.”

“A solution exists that would immediately restore balance to the Court. That solution is to add four seats to the Supreme Court in order to ensure a Court that properly balances the interests of everyday Americans against those of corporations and the Republican Party. Moreover, adding four seats would ensure that the Supreme Court is more reflective of the people it purports to represent. And of course, adding four seats could be accomplished by a simple act of Congress with a simple majority vote.”

Supreme Court expansion is supported by several Texas members of Congress including Reps. Sheila Jackson Lee and Veronica Escobar, who was arrested outside of the Court last year. Freshmen Reps. Greg Casar and Jasmine Crockett also support reforming the Supreme Court.

Here is the full list of Texas officials who signed on to expand the Supreme Court:  

State Representatives:

Rep. Rhetta Bowers

Rep. Liz Campos

Rep. Christian Manuel Hayes

Rep. Barbara Gervin-Hawkins

Rep. Jessica Gonzalez

Rep. Jarvis Johnson

Rep. Jolanda Jones

Rep. Armando Martinez

Rep. Christina Morales

Rep. Penny Morales Shaw

Rep. Ana Marie Ramos

Rep. Ron Reynolds

Rep. Ramon Romero Jr. 

Rep. Jon Rosenthal

Rep. Carl Sherman

Rep. Shawn Thierry

Rep. Armando Walle

Rep. Gene Wu

Other elected officials:

Austin City Councilmember Vanessa Fuentes

Austin City Councilmember Jose Velasquez

Beaumont Councilmember Audwin Samuel

Carrollton City Councilmember Richard Fleming

Cedar Hill Mayor Steve Mason

Corpus Christi City Councilmember Jim Klein

Dallas City Councilmember Casey Thomas

DeSoto City Councilmember Kay Brown-Patrick

DeSoto City Councilmember Leticia Hughes

El Paso County Commissioner David Stout

Everman City Councilmember Johnny Allen

Fort Bend Commissioner Grady Prestage

Fort Worth City Councilmember (former) Kelly Allen-Gray

Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis

Harris County Treasurer Dylan Osborne

Houston Vice Mayor Pro Tem Martha Castex-Tatum

Houston Independent School District Board First Vice President Myrna Guidry, Esq.

Lancaster City Councilmember Keithsha Wheaton

Missouri City Councilmember Jeff Boney

Port Arthur Mayor Thurman Bill Bartie

Port Arthur Councilmember Donald Frank Sr.

Port Arthur Councilmember Thomas Kinlaw, III

Port Arthur Councilmember Kenneth Marks

Tarrant County Commissioner Roy Brooks

Travis County Clerk Dyana Limon Mercado

Waco City Councilmember Andrea Barfield

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