Texas Leaders And Activists Call For Supreme Court Reform

by | Jun 5, 2023 | Politics, Supreme Court

On Sunday morning at Reverchon Park in Dallas, a surprising scene unfolded just steps from the idyllic walking trails and baseball diamonds. A large bus bearing the phrase “Democracy demands a fair, ethical court” had rolled in carrying passengers that wanted to talk about the Supreme Court.

The bus and a subsequent press conference with local officials and activists, including Congressman Jasmine Crockett, were part of a national campaign from Just Majority, a collection of leading organizations on reproductive rights, gun safety, and judicial reform, that have banded together to call on implementing reforms (and expansion) of the Supreme Court. The Just Majority bus had previously been in Houston and Austin, but the stop at Reverchon Park in Dallas was notable for its proximity to the headquarters of Crow Holdings, which is run by the billionaire Harlan Crow.

Crow has become infamous this year for his part in baring the sheer corruption at the heart of this current Supreme Court. Reporting from ProPublica detailed a shocking, and hitherto unreported, financial relationship between Crow and Justice Clarence Thomas. Crow’s gifts to Thomas have included lavish vacations around the world, often on private jets or superyachts. Thomas has also frequented an all-male retreat in California with Crow and several other billionaires.

In her remarks at the press conference, Crockett cited Crow’s dealings with Thomas as evidence of the Court’s abysmal ethical record. “We should be pushing every elected official on the federal level to make sure, at a very minimum, reform the court.” Crockett also noted the dismal approval rating of the Supreme Court, which polling shows is about 41 percent. “We don’t trust the highest court in the land, and that’s why we need to expand the Court,” she said.

Mosley called on Congress to do the right thing, and expand the Court

Joining Crockett at the press conference were former NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue (who is a native of Dallas), political strategist Karen Finney, and Black Voters Matter Field Director Wanda Mosley, who is originally from Texas. For Mosley, the revelations about Crow and Thomas are “part and parcel” of what has made this current iteration of the Supreme Court so dangerous. “[It] paves the way for states to do what they do, pass legislation that further suppresses the rights of everyday folks who don’t know billionaires.”

The Reverchon Park press conference was the final stop for the Just Majority bus tour in Texas. The first stop was in Houston on Friday, where Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, who is also running for mayor of Houston, spoke about expanding the Court to keep it from being unnecessarily partisan. “As I stand here under the sun in Houston, I know that our city depends upon a fair and balanced United States Supreme Court,” she said.

Then on Saturday, the bus tour went to Austin. Congressman Greg Casar spoke about the horrific consequences Texas women are enduring because of the decision to reverse Roe v. Wade, which has kept the draconian abortion bans legal in the state of Texas.

The Just Majority bus tour will continue across the country throughout the summer. Earlier this year, over forty state and local officials in Texas affirmed their support for officially expanding the Supreme Court. 

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