Texas Republican running for Congress compares open borders to sexual assault


In a now-deleted Facebook post, Congressional candidate Jamie Berryhill compared open borders to sexual assault.

“A nation without borders is like a woman raped and defiled, her precious value pillaged and taken,” Berryhill wrote on Tuesday according to CBS 7.

When asked about the sexist comments by the news channel, Berryhill doubled down and explained the metaphor again: “Our nation is like women. If our borders are being encroached, it is like a woman. Like a precious woman, a person that is being defiled by an unruly infiltrator.”

Berryhill is running to replace Rep. Mike Conaway, R-Midland, who is retiring from Congress.

On Wednesday, Texas Democrats issued a statement pressuring Republicans to condemn Berryhill’s comments. 

“This isn’t an isolated incident,” party spokesperson Brittany Switzer said. “From refusing to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act to supporting a President who has been accused of sexual assault multiple times, this is how Trump Republicans view women and survivors of sexual assault.”

Photo: Jaime Berryhill campaign website

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