The Signal’s morning headlines 7.30.19


Debate night! 

Tonight’s line up is Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, and Beto O’Rourke. CNN 7pm central time. The Signal will be covering the debate. 

Beto’s guests tonight, according to news release from his campaign, include three Lansing Catholic High School students who took a knee during the National Anthem “in protest of police brutality and the over-policing of communities of color.”

Biden’s pole vault 

A new Quinnipiac poll out yesterday reinforces Joe Biden’s front runner status and shows the first debate—where he and Kamala Harris got into a scuffle on racial bussing—didn’t permanently damage the former Vice President.

“In the blink of an eye, the post-debate surge for Sen. Kamala Harris fades and former Vice President Joseph Biden regains his footing among Democratic presidential contenders,” said Mary Snow, polling analyst for the Quinnipiac University Poll.

Houston congressional race may be a crowded one

The Signal was the first to report on former Nick Lampson considering another run for Congress. He tells us he’s “undecided,” and then he adds a “but.” National Dems have called the seat flippable from R to D. 

Ken Paxton’s aide, an extreme conservative, enters Dallas congressional race

Floyd McLendon, a devout far right conservative, announced Monday he’s running for Congress against the Democratic superstar Rep. Colin Allred. McLendon says the biggest threat to the United States is not terrorism or nuclear war but the Democratic Party. Our story. 

Border investigation

On Thursday, Congresswoman Victoria Escobar of El Paso is leading a delegation, that includes Houston Reps. Sheila Jackson Lee and Lizzie Fletcher, to investigate the impact of Trump’s immigration policies in El Paso. “The delegation will meet with immigration advocates, visit migrant shelters and processing facilities used to detain immigrants, and receive briefings on border security and immigration,” said a statement from Escobar’s office.

Axios on The Texas Signal 

Progressive media outlets are growing across the country. Axios mentioned The Signal in its story this morning. 

“Publishers on the left have been ramping up their investments in local media this year, launching websites in swing states that will focus on the stories they think are being ignored by the mainstream news…In April, a group of private local investors launched The Texas Signal to challenge the right-wing media empire in Texas.”

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