The Texas House Votes to Impeach Republican AG Ken Paxton

by | May 27, 2023 | 2024 Elections, Paxton Patrol, Paxton Scandal, Politics, Republican Party, Texas Legislature

Texas House debated and voted on 20 articles of impeachment including bribery and obstruction of justice. The issue now goes to the upper chamber where the Texas Senate will hold a trial.

Today, the Texas House of Representatives voted to impeach Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton. The issue of impeachment will now head to the Texas Senate. Governor Abbott may appoint a temporary replacement while the Senate trial takes place.

Earlier this week, a Texas House committee filed 20 articles of impeachment against Attorney General Paxton. Since then, Paxton and his allies have been on a full court press against impeachment. Some tactics included blaming President Joe Biden, attacking fellow Republicans, and even complaining that this qualified as voter disenfranchisement. Democratic State Representative Jarvis Johnson noted the hypocrisy since Paxton has worked to overturn President Biden’s electoral win. 

Additionally, Republican State Representative Charlie Geren, a member of the House General Investigative Committee, said Paxton called several lawmakers and threatened them with electoral consequences while they were on the House floor. 

While some Republicans voted for impeachment, many stood by their man. Former President Trump and Senator Ted Cruz came to Paxton’s defense. Recently, Ted Cruz just hired one of Ken Paxton’s deputies, Aaron Reitz, to be his chief of staff

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