Trump to formally launch 2020 re-election campaign on Tuesday

by | Jun 17, 2019 | 2020 Elections, Politics

Maybe President Trump should be launching his 2020 presidential campaign from Texas.

The latest poll out today from the Texas Tribune and University of Texas shows half of registered voters here wouldn’t vote for him. He beats former Vice President by only two points. 

Instead, the president will be launching his re-elect from Orlando, Florida, another battleground state. It won’t be surprising if his own crowd count tomorrow from Orlando is in the tens of millions. (The Amway Center, where the event will be held, holds 20,000).

It’s millions of dollars the president warned the U.S. would lose if he’s not re-elected.

“If anyone takes me over,” he tweeted over the weekend, “there will be a Market Crash the likes of which have not been seen before.”

Beyond the bluster, he’s running on one thing: the economy, which, rightly or wrongly, a majority of voters nationally perceive as a positive for Trump.

[Editor’s note: This could be a warning sign for Democratic presidential candidates, minus Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, who seem to be talking about every issue imaginable under the sun, except a clear Democratic economic plan.]

Still, the president is struggling in Texas – especially among independents, who typically side with conservatives, according to the Tribune/UT poll. Team Trump’s own advisor admitted last week on FOX News Texas is a swing state.

The Trump campaign is focused on the general election, including building “a fully functioning ground game by the end of summer,” and outreach to Latino and African American votes, Politico reported.

 The “Baby Trump” balloon is expected to greet the president tomorrow in Orlando.

Democrats plan to launch a counter-offensive in the lead up to Tuesday night’s announcement.

“New campaign, same broken promises,” Daniel Wessel, deputy director of the DNC War Room, told CBS News. “Trump will say anything to win an election, and then he never follows through. Look where we are today – health care costs more, prescription drugs cost more, and all Trump’s done is help the rich and big corporations. The question voters need to ask is: what’s he done for me? For working people, the answer is nothing.”

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