Trump says he’s now giving John Cornyn assignments


Donald Trump on Thursday sent a fundraising email on behalf of Sen. John Cornyn railing against the media and asking his “allies” in Texas to make themselves known (A.K.A. a list building activity). 

“… I’m getting out of DC this week and heading to Texas, where I know I have allies,” Trump wrote in a fundraising plea tweeted out by the Texas Tribune’s Patrick Svitek. “And, friend, I want to know just who those allies are. So, before I step on stage, I have assigned Sen. Cornyn a critical task, to gather a list of those allies so that I can personally review them.”

One tweeter commenter noted Cornyn is “flaccid” and “subservient” and Trump’s language here was the “creepiest.”

Meanwhile, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, the former Texas governor caught up in the Ukraine scandal, submitted his resignation to Trump on Thursday. 

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