Trump is losing key states like Texas and Florida, new poll says


Former Vice President Joe Biden has an advantage in several swing states won by Donald Trump in 2016, new polling by Morning Consult finds. 

The results show Biden leading Trump in Texas by the survey’s margin of error, two percentage points.  

Texas was not considered a swing state four years ago when Trump carried the state by nine percentage points. The president also carried Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennslyvania, and Wisconsin in 2016.

In Florida’s case, Biden is now leading by the margin of error. In the other key states, Biden comfortably holds an advantage.

An aggregate of polls this month show a statistical tie for Biden and Trump in Texas.

The new polling comes as the president heads to West Texas on Wednesday to discuss energy and raise money for his campaign. 

Recent polling has also indicated trouble for Gov. Greg Abbott. While not up for re-election until 2022, the governor’s polling has plummeted in recent weeks as cases and fatalities of COVID-19 mount in the state.

Photo: Steven Ryan/Getty Images

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