Trump makes the media, not policy, a focus of his 2020 campaign announcement


On T uesday, President Trump kicked off his re-election campaign for president at a rally in Orlando, Florida, serving up pounds of partisan red meat.

To his audience’s glee, Trump began the event attacking the “fake news media” and said they would undercount the number of attendees at his rally.

“Our patriotic movement has been under assault since the very first day,” Trump said next, referring to Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign and Russian interference.

“They [the press] are really going after you, that’s what it’s all about. It’s not about us, it’s about you. They tried to erase your vote,” Trump told the crowd of Democrats, the Mueller’s probe, and the media.

The Texas GOP was the president’s cheerleader Tuesday night.

The Texas Democratic Party issued a statement, positioning Texas, a swing state, as a lynchpin to a 2020 victory.

“Texas Democrats know that the best way to stop Donald Trump is to beat him right here in Texas, and that’s exactly what we are going to do,” said party chair Gilbert Hinojosa. “This is our moment.”

On Twitter, Democratic presidential campaigns either ignored the Trump announcement, challenged him, or fundraised off of it.

Vice President Mike Pence opened the rally for the president, touting some of Trump’s achievements and telling the Orlando crowd “we’ve already started to build that wall.”

Trump’s rally comes a day after he promised to begin deporting millions of undocumented immigrants starting next week.

Photo: John Raoux / AP

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