Trump has bought 100 anti-impeachment Facebook ads in Texas over the past 24 hours


The News

Ahead of his “Keep America Great” rally in Dallas next week, the Trump campaign is flooding Facebook feeds with digital ads promoting the event, railing on Democrats and the “impeachment witch hunt.” According to a tally by the Signal, Team Trump has run (is testing) more than 100 variations of impeachment-related Facebook ads in the past 24 hours in Texas.

One ad claims an “overwhelming number of Americans” oppose impeachment. But Team Trump may want to read a poll or two, all of which show a majority of Americans favoring an impeachment inquiry. Most telling is new Washington Post poll out yesterday showing 28% of Republicans back an inquiry, up 21 points from July.  

What this means

Trump isn’t confident about winning Texas. Watch what he does, not what he says. A second visit to Texas in a month (his sixth this year) and a PR campaign to fill seats at the American Airlines Center for his rally show they’re having to work for it. And you don’t lambast the public with a mess of anti-impeachment ads if you’re unconcerned. So far, the public is turning against him. The question is, can Trump reverse the trajectory of public sentiment through spending millions on social media advertising?

A couple of the ads running in Texas

Photo: Loren Elliott/Getty Image

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