Trump supporters spend $23 million on a border wall that only works half the time


When Trump supporters chant “build the wall,” they’re usually talking about that happening along the Texas-Mexico border.

But those same supporters have run into problems with their raison d’être in New Mexico, near El Paso, Tex., with the $23 million crowd-funded border wall.

On Tuesday, the International Boundary and Water Commission ordered the wall’s gate to remain open during the day because it blocked government workers from accessing a levee and dam, as well as blocked access to a nearby historic monument.

In other words, the impenetrable half-mile wall will only do its job half the time.

And this kicker from a statement by the IBWC: “The private gate was constructed in a way that may channel undocumented immigrants into the American Dam area.”

Lori Kuczmanski, a spokesperson for the government agency told the Texas Signal the gate will remain open during the day until the group responsible for its construction, We Build the Wall, is able to properly go through a permitting process.

Kuczmanski said that process could “take a while.”

Efforts to construct the crowd-funded wall began in December and made headlines when it was endorsed by President Donald Trump. More than 285,000 people have donated to its construction so far.

Since the GoFundMe campaign launch, the crowd-funded wall has encountered a host of problems including an investigation into the charity by the state of Florida, where We Build the Wall is headquartered.

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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